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  Arena Staying Alive Page1

Staying Alive Part I
Now that you know a multitude of ways to use the ter'angreal in combat you are ready to start winning some matches, right? Wrong. Knowing that you can use Fire Shield and Fireball in combination to rack up kills isn't very helpful if you can't stay alive long enough to find them. Just knowing how to kill isn't enough when you are up against skilled players, either. You have to know how to kill quickly or you will not stay at the top of the scoreboard. It is time to fill the in the gaps. Part 2 of the guide will gather your knowledge of ter'angreal into an overall strategy that will translate into wins.

Rule Number 1: Stay Alive
In a traditional FPS, getting killed is no big deal. Take Unreal Tournament for example. In UT if you respawn next to a Flak Cannon you are immediately a force to be reckoned with. It isn't really necessary to gather other weapons either. That Flak Cannon is all need as long as you have enough ammo. This is most definitely not the case with WoT, a very nontraditional shooter. A WoT player needs to collect several ter'angreal to be effective. Collecting ter'angreal after respawning is problematic, however. In the first place, WoT players don't run very fast. It takes time get from place to place as you gather. Secondly, a WoT respawnee is truly, as Neil Young would say, helpless helpless helpless helpless. Everyone has experienced the frustration of Inevitable Seeker Death, so there's no need to elaborate on that point.

Where a respawnee with only Air Pulse and Dart in his bag is a ninety-nine pound weakling that gets sand kicked in his face, a player with a bag full of Ter'Angreal is an eight hundred pound gorilla that does whatever he wants. That is why staying alive is so important; you want to be the gorilla, not the weakling. Staying alive is especially important when there are other skilled players in the match. If you die they will rack up kills while you're putzing around gathering ter'angreal.

Now that I've beaten to death the point of why you need to stay alive, I'm going to tell you how to do it.

  • Master the defensive ter'angreal before any others. Learn how to stay alive before you learn how to kill. I'm starting to sound like Mr. Miaggi from Karate Kid . . .wax on . . .wax off . . .
  • Attack only from a position of strength. Go on the offensive only when your health is good. Ideally, your health should be 100 with an Andilay Root in reserve. If your health drops below 50 break off your attacks and seek medical help immediately. Don't fight with low health no matter how tempting it is. One kill is not worth dying over, not even close.
  • Attack only when you have adequate protection. If your reserve of defensive Ter'Angreal dips low, make replenishing them your top priority. Don't get into a fight, no matter how tempting, until you are stocked up again. If you have Personal Shield keep it at full strength.
  • Attack weakened opponents when possible. If you see two players hurling fireballs at each other don't wade into the fray. Wait for one to kill the other and then attack the survivor. If, as is often the case, neither player dies and they break off the fight, attack whoever is more convenient.
  • Always keep moving. To stand still is to invite death. Even if you are alone in a room keep moving, an opponent could enter at any time. Andilay Roots work much faster when you are standing still than they do when you are moving. What a rotten trick Legend pulled on us there, whoever thought of it should get a bonus. If you have to use Andilay Roots to heal up fast, keep a sharp eye out.
  • Don't walk in straight lines. If you do anyone that is behind you will be able to hit you easily. Stagger around like a bum on a week-long drunk.
  • Use elemental shields to your advantage. Don't forget that shields can counter seeking weapons. If someone is hounding you with Seekers consider activating a fire or air shield rather than using Shift, Reflect, or Unravel. A shield will last much longer, leaving you free to attack. While a shield is up, take advantage of the protection they offer and go on the offensive.

The $64,000 question: How do I stay alive long enough to gather Ter'Angreal?

You need to know the maps and know them well. More than anything you need to know where the Big Three of the defensive ter'angreal (Shift, Reflect, and Unravel) can be obtained. As soon as you respawn make a beeline for the closest one. If you are lucky you will get there before a Seeker gets you.

Once you have one defensive TA then you stand a fighting chance of reaching more. Don't attack until you have enough defensive Ter'Angreal to protect yourself and, if possible, an Andilay Root. By then, you will general have picked up plenty of offensive Ter'Angreal, as well. Once have obtained a good collection of Ter'Angreal, cycle through the map as you attack in order to stay well stocked. When learning a map, also memorize where Heal and Andilay Roots respawn.

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