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  Hand 1

Hand 1 - This hand consists of the direct fire TAs.
These are the 'projectile' weapons in WoT, pay close attention because when you see an enemy, you'll probably be dodging these.

Air Pulse
Useless. If this is all you have you are cannon fodder.

This weak TA will typically be your weapon of last resort. Dart fires a fast moving pulse of energy that does little damage. Its only upside is its rapid rate of fire. In maps where your opponents will often be weakened because of the scarcity of healing options Dart may actually get you some kills. Grim Guigol and Cacophony of Silence are two such maps. On other maps where potent offensive and defensive TAs are readily available Dart should never be used. One exception to this rule is battling Legion. Dartís rapid rate of fire and absence of splash damage make it eminently suitable for shooting down those infernal ghost heads that Legions spits at you. Should you ever wish to take on Legion in an Arena map a good tactic is to hit it with a few shots from a more potent TA and then retreat and switch to Dart to kill the heads. Repeat this process until Legion goes down.

Earth Tremor
Earth Tremor shoots out a short-range arcing projectile that causes a violent earthquake to occur on whatever surface it strikes. While the damage the tremor causes is considerable, its area of affect is too small to result in very many kills. Because of this, Earth Tremor is not used very often in most Arena maps. It can be used effectively, however, in maps with narrow corridors and weakened opponents. Once again, Grim Guigol is a prime example of this type of map. In fact, on that map, Earth Tremor is somewhat of a staple. The best tactic to use is to lob one shot over your opponentís head and another in front of him so he will have nowhere to run. You can also use Earth Tremor to shake a persistent tormentor off your tail. Run into a narrow corridor and place a tremor on the floor behind you, odds are he wonít run through it to pursue you.

Fireball accounts for a high percentage of kills in any given Arena match. It is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful and valuable TAs in WoT. These are the reasons I am so enamored with Fireball:
Its velocity and rate of fire are surpassed only by Dart.
Direct hits pack one hell of a wallop and will bring an opponent down very quickly.
Fireballs cause considerable splash damage, making precise aim unnecessary.
When attacking with Fireball, aim at your opponentís feet. That way, even if he manages to dodge he will still take splash damage. You can also aim for walls if they are standing near them. Take care when firing fireballs in tight places. If the fireball strikes too close to you the splash damage can injure or kill you. Donít forget that suicides subtract from your number of kills. If you are attacked with Fireball, dodge from side to side and never stop moving. Keep away from walls and avoid corners at all costs. Iíll elaborate on additional defensive and counter-offensive measures you can take as I discuss subsequent TAs.

Balefire is the doomsday weapon of WoT. You can kill multiple players with one shot, blast through walls across the entire map, and there is no way to defend against it. In spite of this tremendous power, Balefireís gameplay value is limited. Because it is necessary to charge up, it has a very slow rate of fire. The charge up is also accompanied by a very distinctive sound that announces your intentions to everyone in the map. By the time you are ready to fire youíre likely to see nothing but elbows and assholes as your opponents scatter for cover, leaving you holding the bag with nothing to shoot at. Another weakness of Balefire is the difficulty in hitting a moving target, a problem that is exacerbated by lag.

Here are the doís and doníts of Balefire usage:

  • Donít run around helter-skelter with Balefire charged up looking for someone to blast. You arenít likely to hit anyone and this leaves you vulnerable. More on that issue later.
  • Do use in combination with immobilizing TAs such as Freeze and Whirlwind.
  • Do use on players you spot skulking in hiding spots or standing still.
  • Do use on players that are distracted while fighting someone else.
  • Donít be afraid to counter-attack someone who is using Balefire. Your opponent wonít be able to counter your attacks without firing and then switching TAs.

If you make yourself hard to hit by dancing around you will have the advantage. Be aware, however, that some players are very good at hitting moving targets, in spite of the lag. Malivar and [Legend]TheFoodGuy are two players that have drilled me repeatedly while I attempted to counter attack. The problem here is that there is no sure way of knowing who you are up against until itís too late.

No discussion of Balefire would be complete without covering the topic of Balefire jumping. Balefire causes you to recoil in the opposite direction that you fire. The longer you charge your shot the stronger the recoil is. You can use this recoil to jump to great heights by aiming at your feet. Jumping and then firing just before you start falling back down will propel you even higher. You can reach some interesting places by Balefire jumping. The towers in Keep in the Borderlands come to mind.

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