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  Hand 5

Hand 5
Hand 5 The TAs in this hand are purely defensive in nature.

This TA is a close second behind Shift as the most valuable defensive TA. For a period of about four seconds Unravel will dissipate any weave that it touches. Here is a list of what you can do with Unravel:

  • Dissipate any seeking weapon sent at you.
  • Release yourself from Chain Lightning.
  • Release yourself from Freeze.
  • Release yourself from Whirlwind.
  • Remove Soul Barbs (you will take damage).
  • Untaint your collection of TAs (you will take damage if the Unravel is Tainted).
  • Dissipate Explosive Wards.
  • Dissipate Decays after they have struck you.
  • Walk through and Earth Tremor without taking damage. Your path through the tremor will be dissipated.

It is easy to see why this is another must have defensive TA. Players who have Unravel and Shift are near impossible to kill with hand 2 and hand 6 TAs. The one fly in the ointment of Unravel is that it will also dissipate any shields that you have up.

Aura of Unraveling:
Everything that Unravel does can be duplicated with Aura of Unraveling. When you fire Aura of Unraveling a small box is dropped on the ground in front of you. When the box is stepped on or touched by a weave a room-sized dome is erected around you that lasts about ten seconds. The dome will stop anything short of Balefire from reaching you. When you are inside an Aura, your TAs are inoperable. You cannot shoot at opponents, activate shields, or heal (Andilay Roots will still work). The Aura will not move with you. There is nothing to prevent someone else from entering your Aura. Opponents who do so receive the same benefits that you do. If you see an Aura open up and are barbed, tainted, or have seeking weapons locked onto you, hop in. If you have any shields up, stay out.

Sever will erect an unraveling shield between you and a target. I would tell you effective ways to use it in MP if I knew. I have never used it and I have never seen it used. I intend to make Sever my next research project. I know . . . I should have done that first. Nobody’s perfect.
12/17/2002 Addendum: Sever has been proven to be a very effective defensive TA in Multiplayer games. The sheild that is erected between you and your target is useful for blocking 'tracing' weapons, and can be very helpful when at a disadvantage in a duel. The fact the Sever is more common makes this another valuable TA - learn to use it.

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