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  Rate Level: The 7th World - Version X

The 7th World - Version X


2 teams; Citadel

Fors vs Wc

Reviewed by: Walker Boh

General Geometry General Geometry Notes:
7 In general just multiple use of simple constructs, however their use is varied, and done in such a way as to not seem too boxy. Many misfittings of pieces of geometry but this adds to the map if anything.
Geometry Detail Geometry Detail Notes:
2 No real geometry detail here.

Textures Texture Notes:
5 An array of textures, large areas with the same texture which doesn't make the structure more interesting.

Lighting Lighting Notes:
5 Some multicolored lighting which adds to the map if viewed in a certain way. Huge areas of pitch blackness but again this might actually add to the way the map is played.

Sound / Music Sound and Music Notes:
4 Basic use of ambient sound in mid, with a a few more sounds could add to the atmosphere.

Angreal Assessment Angreal Notes:
7 Although likely unintentional the lack of tracers perhaps makes the map playable as a hide and seek type of affair. Also putting certain ta in certain areas only with access by portals adds to the map. (Version X gives ta in the 'bases' where as old version did not)

Playability - Scripting Play Scripting Notes:
8 The portals work, pathing seems ok. (Version X fixed the sticking of seals in the 'void')
Playability - Theme Play Theme Notes:
9 If the theme is insanity then this map suits it very well. The strange structures, giant spiral stairs into the sky, strange multicolored lights, and egyption pyramids in the sky, all add to a very unique if strage atmosphere. The author quotes "A land so twisted by the dark one"... It certainly is twisted.
Playability - Style Play Style Notes:
3 In the end the map turns out to be a balefire map through I think no intention of the author. But having multiple constant balefire spawns, in a relatively open midworld map will lead to this. The views off the higher parts of the map cause several framerate issues due to the huge areas seen at once.
Playability - Fun Fun Play Notes:
3 Fun a few times, the hide seek style of play and the degradation to balefire arena quickly becomes tiresome.

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