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  Rate Level: Baerlon 2

Baerlon 2



Aes vs Fors vs Hound vs Wc

Reviewed by: The Original Shadar Logoth

General Geometry General Geometry Notes:
10 Making cities is hard. Making good cities is harder. Making near-perfect cities is nigh impossible. Architecturally this level is flawless, although it does look somewhat plain (but hey, it's a mining town). Although sometimes the architecture of this level will leave you lost, you'll soon find yourself again.
Geometry Detail Geometry Detail Notes:
6 It would be nice if you could go IN the buildings, but we shouldn't look a gift horse too far in the mouth.

Textures Texture Notes:
9 There's really nothing I can say, but I'll make an effort. I know of very few authors who would bother to align the textures on TOP of roofs when there is no way to get to the rooftops. This shows real attention to detail. There's also enough variety of textures to keep the eye interested, but not so much that it looks like a patchwork quilt.

Lighting Lighting Notes:
10 This is one category that distinguishes level authors like Shermanator from people like Taqwus (complete zone-lighting) or me (excessive use of colored lighting). The city is lit exactly as a city WOULD be at mid-day; textures ARE shaded, and all the shadows that there are go in the same direction, etc. More attention to detail is shown here. Ditto the condition of Textures.

Sound / Music Sound and Music Notes:
5 As I say all the time, ambient sounds would be nice, but I can't think of any that would be appropriate here. Except maybe wind, but that would be hard to realistically implement because you'd only hear it in open spaces, and there aren't very many open spaces in this map... Still, there must be SOME sound that would work. I have yet to come across a level that would not benefit from sound, although this comes astonishingly close.

Angreal Assessment Angreal Notes:
8 The Aura of Unraveling is kind of hard to get at, but apart from that... knock yourself out. The angreal are placed in the positions you'd expect them to be, just as they should be. There are a few too many andilay plants next to each other, however, although they are in logical locations (public planters).

Playability - Scripting Play Scripting Notes:
8 Pathing and spawnpoints are well-placed.
Playability - Theme Play Theme Notes:
10 The theme of the level is well-chosen and very well pulled off.
Playability - Style Play Style Notes:
7 Play styles can range from cat-and-mouse hunt to all-out bloodbath, and it's certainly one of the more fun levels I've seen.
Playability - Fun Fun Play Notes:
9 It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and gum doesn't exist in Randland. Get out there and play! And if you get lost in the streets, TOO BAD.

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