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Interview with Matthias Worch

3/28/00 by Tom Smallwood
with Matthias Worch
Sr. Level Designer
Legend Entertainment

Can you tell us a little about your responsibilities while working on WoT?

Matthias Worch: I created Mission_01 (reusing some of the assets that James had already built) and Mission_07 (The Vault). I also (re)scripted a lot of the encounters in the SL maps (the sequence where Legion appears, for example).

How did you get into the game design field?

Matthias Worch: I've been making things for games whereever possible - first with old development kits like "3D Construction Kit" and later levels for 3D games like Doom, Quake etc. It just kind of "happened" from there.

What games have you edited professionally? Nonprofessionally?

Matthias Worch: Professionally: Sin, Unreal Mission Pack, Wheel of Time, (Unreal 2) Nonprofessionally: Doom 2, Heretic, Quake 1, Quake 2, UT...

What is your favorite computer game after WoT?

Matthias Worch: That depends on what is available, I'm currently playing Ultima IX. All-time favorite would probably be Ultima V.

Do you play user created levels?

Matthias Worch: I usually don't just download levels, but a featured map or "Level of the Week" on a newspage might catch my interest. Glen also makes sure with his news updates that the good WoT levels don't fall through the cracks.

What is the biggest problem you see in user made levels?

Matthias Worch: Probably mixing too many different texture sets. Wheel of Time has four distinct texture sets for the different environments (SL, Aes Sedai, Forsaken and Whitecloak), try to stick to one of them and don't mix different styles unless you're really sure that it works.

What changes do you see coming in computer games over the next 5 years?

Matthias Worch: The ability to render environments in realtime will continuously grow until they reach the quality of pre-rendered scenes, and it will take more and more people to create the content for those games...of course that's a no-brainer, but hat's as far as my prophecies go ;)

What are you doing now that WoT is finished?

Matthias Worch: Enjoying myself, working on Unreal 2.

What did you enjoy most about working on WoT? Least?

Matthias Worch: This isn't specific to WoT, but it's always cool to see things coming together, and it always hurts to have to abandon a level too early...

Finally, how about a quick strategy tip for MP?

Matthias Worch: Use Sever in Citadel, it can help you to carry a seal through the whole level without getting killed by your enemy :)

I want to thank Matthias Worch for this interview. Look for more interviews with Legend's staff over the next few days.

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