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  The Original Level Review Criteria

Level Review Criteria
by The Guardian and Demandred.

Each category is scored from 0-10. The criteria given below are general guidelines for reviewing, and are not absolute. Note that each category is only listed up to 9: a score of 10 is reserved for those levels which have achieved near-perfection in that category. The level named next to a category is one that would score a perfect 10. Add up scores for final score out of 100.

-Geometry (20):
General (10): Kingdom Come
1 - A single box room
3 - Multiple box rooms
5 - Multiple rooms, simple shapes (box, cylinder)
7 - Many rooms, levels, stairs
9 - Complex series of rooms and passages
Detail (10): Soulbox
1 - Boxitis
3 - Boxitis with some minimal effort to disguise it
5 - Realistic looking, but plain
7 - Realistic looking
9 - The hard stuff like Vaulted ceilings etc.

-Textures (10): Soulbox
1 - Only one texture
3 - Very poor texture choices or placement
5 - mediocre texture choices, poor placement, alignment problems
7 - good texturing, some variety, generally good alignment
9 - awesome texturing possibly including new textures or textures used in new ways

-Lighting (10): Soulbox
1 - Zonelight
3 - Point lights with no apparent source
5 - Simple sourcing
7 - Complex sourcing, different kinds
9 - Coronas and lensflares well done

-Sound (10): Soulbox
1 - What is sound?
3 - Default sounds only
5 - Some attempt made to add sounds (sprayers, etc)
7 - Good use of point sound sources OR ambient sound
9 - Good use of point sound sources AND ambient sound

-Angreal Placement (10): Kinslayer's Spire
1 - Basic or poor angreal placement, default pools
3 - Standard placement, little or no modification to pools
5 - Standard placement, modified pools
7 - Good placement including interesting use of spawn pools (ie single TA spawns)
9 - Think: Hidden TAs, new or unusual combos in the level...

-Playability (40):
Scripting (10): Soulbox
1 - Not pathnoded, insufficient playerstarts
3 - Very few pathnodes and playerstarts
5 - Sufficient Playerstarts, broken pathnoding
7 - Good playerstart and pathnode location
9 - Got the triggers working nicely too!
Theme (10): Soulbox
1 - Theme? What Theme??
3 - Inappropriate or poor theme selection
5 - Good theme, mediocre implementation
7 - Great theme, excellent implementation
9 - I don't think we're in Kansas anymore! (Editor's note: I didn't write that)
Play Style (10): Soulbox
1 - Crowded or too open. Possibly framerate problems.
3 - Confusing to move through the level. Possibly framerate problems.
5 - More of the same. Nothing really interesting.
7 - Possible to use several different play styles (ie. Camping, running)
9 - Forces or allows a new kind of playstyle (See Dropping people into a Soulbox)
Fun Factor (10): Balefire 101
1 - Try it once, throw it out.
3 - Fun for a while, but with limited appeal or gets old quickly.
5 - A standard level, fun to play when bored with the usual ones.
7 - A fun level, frequently playable. Should be standard on server rotations.
9 - Very fun for everyone, rarely gets boring.

The exact application of this scoring system to each individual level may vary, but in general these descriptors should apply.

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