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End of the Age... - 12/28/2999

There are neither beginnings nor endings in the Wheel of Time, but this was an ending.

The lands grew quiet, both weak and strong, darkness and light, good and evil - all of creation seemed to be holding its breath, or breathing its last.
The dirty streets of Ebu Dar, the Great Halls of Illian, the broken towers of the Malkier, the cold plains of the Saladeans even the hulking city center of Tear; all silent.

Some called it the Aes Sedai Wars, others the 'Breaking' and many just called it the end; but all of that was only an echo now. The armies gone, the champions long forgotten, but some would argue that the world was a better place for it. Indeed, the daily activities of the common people were not interrupted much even in the darkest times.

Thus ended an age, an age that came to be called 'The Breaking of the World'. Most of the Age is lost in the battles with the One Power that gave it its name. But this we know; the seals are out there. Hidden by the White Tower, or unclaimed in the darkness of Aridhol, perhaps deep in the broken cities of Manetheren, or secreted away by the Children of the Light. Waiting.

It is in that dangerous knowledge that the nightmares of the heroes take form. Waking in a cold sweat, waking at a sound that may mean your association with the Forsaken has been discovered, or by the fear of the Dark One breaking free from his prison.

The world sleeps. The Power forgotten. The Age complete.

Relay for Life story... ;) - 10/27/2004

Earlier this year, I was informed of an event in my area where the American Cancer Society was raising money. Being an advocate of cancer research, I jumped at the chance to participate. Little did I know how challenging it was going to be.... [to be continued]

N-“Hey John, I’m doing an event for the American Cancer Society, and I wanted to know if you wanted to help out?”

J-“An event? What kind of event?”

N-“It’s a 24 hour walk-a-thon; our team will walk a track for 24 hours, to raise money for the American Cancer Society.”

J-“Hey that’s cool, how can I help? Can I walk too?”

N-“Sure!, or you could pledge money – or both!”

J-“So I need to solicate donations? ..for each lap or something?”

N-“No, it is for the event, just a flat donation – no need to count laps.”

About a week later, I had hit-up most of my family and got around $250 in pledges, so I was feeling pretty good.

Eventually, Nicole asked about the pledges, and reminded me that I had to have the money in a week ahead of the event.

!! EAK !!

I had to quickly make collection calls to my family, threatening them with a visit from a large Italian named Guido.

The money started pouring in, and I ended up about $60 OVER my pledge amount! (Thanks Guido!)

A week before the event, I walked outside to feed the dog. The dog was looking frisky, so I decided to play with him a little. I reached down for his rope-pull toy, and -BANG-

! ..hey.. that hurts like hell! ..I can’t get up…!

Yes, sports fans, I threw out my back. I endured the pain through my daughters birthday party, and part of Sunday – then finally called a chiropractor.

Now, I’m not much for ‘holistic’ medicine, but this hurt like crap, and I –HAD- to walk in 1 week!

I wasn’t nervous about it much, but I had never been ‘cracked’ before.

The pain was sharp, but I managed to contort into the position the chiropractor wanted; once there, he told me to relax (..oh yeah… relax..) …ya know the sound you hear when you smash one of your toes into a door or wall or something? – yeah – it’s really loud, but the anticipation of the pain that will follow is what really gets you. Imaging 4 or 5 vertebrae all giving away at the same time; the sound was like lightning, and my anticipation of the pain almost made me pass out; I held my breathe and waited...

..and waited.. ..and nothing..? HEY! COOL!

I had to contort the other way and repeat, but I now I knew what to expect.

The pain gradually subsided through the week, with help from my regiment of applying ICE, as instructed. By Saturday, my back felt really pretty good, so I headed off to San Marcos, and the “Walk for Life” event. here is where macho stupidity got the better of wisdom. I walked with people all through the day off-and-on, mostly just to talk and keep them company. By 6:00pm, I was beginning to feel a little tight in my back, so I decided I better stop and rest. Sure enough after sitting down, my back began to throb, and I also had a little pain in my knee… hmmm..

Well, you guessed it, by the time I finished my –FIRST- hour, I was in pain. Lots of pain. I asked around for some pain killers, and was happy to get a couple of Tylenol.

By this time, the sun was going down, and it was getting cold, not Michigan cold, but it felt downright frigid!

To finish up my long story, my 1 ½ hours of fitful, freezing sleep did nothing to relieve the pain in my back and knee, so my final hour on the track was near misery. I was reduced to about 8 laps that hour, and each step felt like I wanted to quit.

I was rewarded with a cold, and more ICING to ease the pain.. but hey!,

I encourage everyone to join up – I would do it again in a heartbeat.

In Honor of:
Lucy Strohl

In Memory of:
Marcia Hawker
Gene Ihly
Dave Coleman
Kim Landry
Dorothy Jeffers

American Cancer Society adventure! - 10/22/2004

Earlier this year, I was informed of an event in my area where the American Cancer Society was raising money. Being an advocate of cancer research, I jumped at the chance to participate. Little did I know how challenging it was going to be.... [to be continued]

WOT Aimbot - 9/29/2004

WoT Aimbot

The fix was added to the bottom of this interview.

[SL]JayJay -Why in the world would you make an aimbot?

JJ -I made some really dumb assumptions about the use of
JJ -it(an aimbot) in this community, and I made decisions based on those
JJ -assumptions.

[SL]JayJay -What the hell are you talking about?

JJ -You see… it seemed to me that this(aimbot) must already exist because:

JJ -a) Certain players, upon joining a game will 'instantly' get 10-15
JJ -kills, and often account for 50% or more of all a teams kills.
JJ -b) I get beat down in such a grand and consistent way
JJ -c) No matter how often I play, what my 'mouse' sensitivity is, or
JJ -how 'hot' I am, I -never- improve.

[SL]JayJay -So… don’t you just suck?

JJ -Well, in my bitter little mind, I figured it -MUST- be something
JJ -else, couldn't be me.

JJ -I was further convinced by the ease with which I was able to
JJ -generate a working aimbot, and in my first attempt with anything
JJ -using this language. I was further convinced because I was also
JJ -able to find, and exploit a loophole in the current server security.
JJ -All indications were that everybody already had aimbots, and I
JJ -had been simply playing the fool.

[SL]JayJay -So WOTSecure doesn’t block this?

JJ -WOTSecure is a great tool, and works just fine - in fact the
JJ -AimBot is already blocked on most servers. The loophole is in
JJ -the way a server is configured. I have already posted for server
JJ -administrators to contact me, and I can explain the fix.

[SL]JayJay -So, you made one, then what?

JJ -I used the aimbot for the first time in a 1 vs. 1 game with Rog
JJ -(the person who started this thread). I used the alias 'Longshot', so
JJ -I could test in secret - but the scoping of the aimbot wasn't right,
JJ -and I shot randomly into space and killed him, not once, but twice.
JJ -I immediately posted a 'lol' and left the server before he could ask
JJ -any questions.

[SL]JayJay -The aimbot worked? So now you suck and cheat?
[SL]JayJay -You are a sad little man.

JJ -The worst part is yet to come; my biggest mistake was my
JJ -interaction with Forge.
JJ -Forge has a great baleshot.
JJ -Forge saw me use the aimbot in a citadel game, and confronted me.
JJ -Forge said that I had to stop using it right away, and that if I didn't,
JJ -everyone would think that he had an aimbot too; he pleaded with
JJ -me to stop for the game sake. I was still bitter, and asked him how
JJ -he could believe that after 5-6 years of playing, nobody had it
JJ -already?? I was more convinced than ever that all the good players
JJ -used one. Forge said I was wrong, and he would beat me in an
JJ -Arena game – even if I used it.

[SL]JayJay -So, a challenge? What happened?

JJ -I proceeded to pummel him in a 20-4 trouncing in less than
JJ -3 minutes. Understand, that I have never beaten Forge, and rarely
JJ -get 20 kills in a bale citadel game.
JJ -Forge continued to try and dissuade me from using it, but I ignored
JJ -him. We struck up a friendship though, and I later instructed him
JJ -on the installation, so he could test with me.

[SL]JayJay -Damn, add naïve to your list of great qualities,
[SL]JayJay -(and schizophrenia).
[SL]JayJay -So, jerk, what about the Rain of Balefire tournament?
[SL]JayJay -You used it in the tourney too??

JJ -No. I know I have no credibility after this, but believe me, I didn’t
JJ -use it in the tournament. I thought about it though! It would’ve been
JJ -a great un-veiling to beat the crap out of BALEANON in the
JJ -tournament.

[SL]JayJay -How can anyone trust you again in this game?

JJ -I don’t know. I will do what I can to fix what I have done, but in
JJ -the end, each person will make their own opinion.
JJ -I am very sorry for what has occurred; I am very sorry for the
JJ -damage and confusion that this has caused.

The Fix

WOT AimBot ("sd.u" @ < 987kb - there are several versions, so there may be different sizes)
The WOT AimBot exploits a server setup mistake. It spoofs the SD.Sdconsole.

It works like this:

  • The default configuration allows ANY console to join the servers, even WOTSecure allows it, through this section:


  • The Aimbot uses the same package name, and is therefore allowed 'SD.sdConsole'

  • The server, not having the SD package installed, cannot validate the correct version, and allows any package named this way to join the server.

  • The fix is simple;
    •1. Add 'ServerPackages=SD' to the '[Engine.GameEngine]' of the active WOT.ini file

    •2. Load up the most current version of SD.u into the /system directory (check

    •3. Install the most recent version of WOTSecure

Updates 'n' Stuff - 9/7/2004

Hello my loyal 14 visitors! :p

I finished going through the Forums List and they are up-to-date.

I also added the really cool WoT Map from The White Tower, it's amazing what you find out there when you visit every site you know! Anyhow, check it out, and see who is close to you!

The Rain of Balefire tournament will be starting soon, as will the 2004 Euro Arena Cup - you can get the updates on the forums(see Forums List).

Clan forums emptied of posts! - 8/13/2004

Once again Shadar Logoth is proud to bring you an exclusive look inside the IT department of Atari!

Seen here through the eye of the security cameras, the backup disk with all the posts disappears; the Microsoft is claiming responsibility for the attack, the XBox ninja is still at large.

STANDBY="Loading ShadarLogoth Media..."

Video from

BalePheer gametype - 7/19/2004

OK, so I took the site down, now I put it back, so?? :p

BalePheer gametype

I wanted to pop up some news that has been missed - BalePheer.

)4R(Dave allowed a few of us to BETA test the new gametype, complete with scoring!

The game was played on a few old favorites, like arena_bale202. It has the same objective as arena, kill everyone else, but this game won't end with the most kills, rather the most skilled shooter.

[-M-]JayJay shoots )4R(Dave at point blank range while standing still - (1 point)
)4r(Dave shoots [-M-]JayJay from the air to the ground from 40 paces - (670 points)
)4R(Dave shoots [-M-]JayJay from the air while [-M-]JayJay is in the air, across the entire map - (2400 points)

The 1st to score 15000 points or more wins.

I look forward to getting my ass kicked on yet another new gametype! :p Good Job Dave!

And so the call went out to all the land for heroes... - 5/4/2004

Shadowed Destiny: 4/27/04; The Guardian
"...can you make WoTMS movies?"

Legend of the Serilim: 5/1/04; Locarius

" guys could track down a modeller for us."

These are perhaps the only reason that I am still lurking around here.. well, that and pics of Iseult.

Please!, if you are the one to help, join the team NOW - we need you!

Distributed Computing... - 2/21/2004

Ever wanted to be part of something bigger than yourself?

Distributed computing breaks down very complicated tasks into small pieces that can be processed by itself.

Take for example Cancer; millions of molecules being checked for interaction against hundreds of thousands of proteins. The task seems beyond measure. More recently, created a group that aids Stanford University with thier Alzheimers research.

I just wanted to plug these systems for the potential benefits they would bring. In closing, DO SOMETHING!, GET INVOLVED!

Folding at Home

United Devices

WOTSecure 5.0 is here - 1/31/2004

Whats new in this version of WOTSecure?

    The 5.0 updated features include:
  • New gametype WOTSecure50.giMPArenaNew
  • New gametype WOTSecure50.giMPBattleNew
    These gametypes fix some gametype related stuff but do not add anything new.
  • New PlayerClass: Added most of the SD stuff to WOTSecure, like picking up seals from altar.
  • SealFix now works properly
  • Setting forceNewGametype option to true forces server to one of the new gametypes
    (depending on which gametype is currently active).
    The 4.0 updated features include:
  • 'BAD PING' error fix
  • WOTSecure is compatible with Vitaly's Duel-mod
  • Functions to simplify frequently used and frequently forgotten serverside commands

This mod is already loaded onto most of the servers, so if you don't have the enhancement, or for a complete list of changes, visit for WOTSecure!

New Fubar website! - 1/14/2004

New Fubar website !

The new Fubar webiste is up, stop by and take a look. This latest site is, in my opinion, the best so far. If you like it, or have comments, drop by the Fubar Forums and drop them a note!

Shadowed Destiny - 12/29/2003

A Shadowed Destiny Christmas

Well here is a pleasant surprise! On Christmas Eve, Guardian released the final multi-player mod from Shadowed Destiny.

Read about it here.

This comes just as the Wheel of Time at War tournament is about to begin - the tournament includes this game-type.

New Map by God! - 12/24/2003

Finally!, some news to bump the neverending Arena Cup article

Our friendly neighborhood God has been at it again. His latest work has been published on his website at It is version 2 of the "No Bale" (aka Nefarious) map, and it's definitely worth a look.

Thanks for the Christmas present God!

ArenaCup practice session - 10/29/2003

Want to practice? Try this...

    Practice Session on [-M-] ArenaCup Server
  • add 'AngrealHandOrder[66]=SummonBot' to your 'user.ini' file
  • join the [-M-] ArenaCup Server
  • type '[TAB]adminlogin practice'
  • type '[TAB]summon Arena_Bot.SummonBot'
  • type '[TAB]adminlogout'
  • start the game - [F10]
  • pickup the 'Mashadar TA' and 'fire' (WARNING: Just once!)
    Now just play out the 15 minutes and try to kill the bot as many times as possible.
    I know I suck, but my first try got me to 8/7 (without BF) - Good Luck!

9/11 Remembered - 9/11/2003


NEW YORK, Sept. 11 — The nation marked Thursday with moments of silence and public reflections on the more than 3,000 lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001. At Ground Zero, bagpipers, a drummer and guards escorted a U.S. flag into the site where the World Trade Center towers had stood as children sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Other children, some in tears, read the 2,792 names of parents and other loved ones killed that day as hijacked jets crashed into the towers, bringing them down as the world watched in horror.

Sammael vs. Carridin - 9/5/2003

Once again Shadar Logoth is proud to bring you ringside with an exclusive look inside the legendary rivalry of Sammael and Carridin!!

Step ringside and tremble as these two super powers flex their muscles! (please don't try this at home!)

STANDBY="Loading ShadarLogoth Media..."

Video from

WOTSecure v3.0 is here - 9/1/2003

What is WOTSecure you ask?

WOTSecure is a modification to WOT Multiplayer games.

    A short list of WOTSecure features is here:
  • an enhanced player 'scoreboard'
  • enhanced security for game servers
  • IP logging capabilities for servers
  • Console banning (cheat blocker)
  • 'LagCheating' bug fix
  • 'Lost Seal' bug fix
  • 'Distant Eye' bug fix
  • 'Personal Shield' bug fix
  • Personal Messages (PM)
A team of people worked on these changes, including Haral (Cheatblocker), Vitaly (Distant Eye and Personal Shield fixes), Dalrion (Personal Messages assistance), and Lews (Security and logging). Thanks to Lews for pulling this all together into a single package.

This mod is already loaded onto most of the servers, so if you don't have the enhancement, or for a complete list of changes, visit the WOTSecure website!
Get WOTSecure from the Brainiacus mirror

ç13 Training Techniques Revealed!! - 8/16/2003

I tried to warn you, but nooooo...... (ç13) wins the Breaking Tournament

Official results - click here|Flame thread - click here|How did they DO it? - click here

An unnamed, but highly reliable source has come forward with some training footage that threatens to ALTER THE BALANCE OF POWER in WOT Clans!

Shown here exclusively, you’ll see first hand their training video for “CAPPERS” (played by none other than (ç13)Aragron !), followed in the same footage by “DEFENDERS” (played here by (ç13)Dalrion !).

STANDBY="Loading ShadarLogoth Media..."

Video from, created by

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