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Ter'angreal are devices made during the Age of Legends, before the breaking of the world, by the Aes Sedai. Created with the One Power, each ter'angreal has the ability to produce a single type of weave. A weave is a controlled channeling of the One Power designed to produce a specific result. Normally a ter'angreal can only be activated by channeling the One Power into it, although there are a few rare exceptions.

The Wheel of Time Game groups ter'angreal into 10 basic categories:


  1: Basic Weapons
Air Pulse
This is your starting ter'angreal. Air burst does a small amount of damage to a target in front of you. The closer you are to your target, the more damage you do.
This fires a powerful ball of energy that can even pass through walls when you release the fire button. The longer you hold the fire button down, the more power builds up.
This is a rapid fire weapon. Each projectile only does a small amount of damage, but they fire and move very fast.
Earth Tremors
This weave blasts into a surface and causes a violent explosion.
Fires a ball which explodes when it impacts. Note that water will cancel this effect.
  2: Advanced Weapons
Slowly drains both the health of the target and the power of any ter'angreals.
Chain Lightning
This builds up an electrical current inside the caster. The electricity will arc into any creature touched and continue to damage that creature until you run out of charges, release the fire button, take damage yourself or the target gets out of range. Note that if you cast it in water, all creatures (including yourself) in the water will take damage.
A projectile is fired that homes in on the target. The further a seeker moves, the fast it will move. When it reaches the target, it will explode.
Soul Barb
This ter'angreal effects another caster for a short time. When under this effect, the caster will take damage any time they try and cast a weave. The more powerful the weave, the more damage they will take.
All ter'angreal held by the target become tainted. When used, they will cause damage to the user. The more powerful they are, the greater the amount of damage done.
  3: Shields
Air Shield
Protects the caster from air based attacks and environmental effects.
Earth Shield
Protects the caster from earth based attacks and environmental effects.
Fire Shield
Protects the caster from fire based attacks and environmental effects.
Personal Shield
This creates a shield around the caster which protects against damage. The shield lasts until it takes enough damage to be destroyed.
Sprit Shield
Protects the caster from air based attacks and environmental effects.
Water Shield
Protects the caster from (you guessed it) water based attacks and environmental effects.
  4: Ter'angreal Counter Measures
While active, this ter'angreal causes other ter'angreals used against you to teleport to your inventory.
When in use, the causes a duplicate of any weave cast at you to be cast at the person who fired it. Note that the original weave will still affect you.
This causes a weave to bounced back at the person that originally cast it. The weave will not effect you.
This causes your character to teleport a few feet forward. It is useful for passing through doors and grates. Weaves that have you targeted will loose their locks.
Swap Places
This makes you swap places with your target. If a weave is locked onto you, then it will instead be locked onto your target.
  5: Canceling Weaves
Aura of Unraveling
This leaves a weave where it was cast creating a 'dead zone' where no magic can be cast. Weaves cast through this area will fail (with the exception of Balefire). Note that this also cancels hanging weaves such as shields.
This creates a barrier between you and your target. Weaves will not pass through this wall.
Unravel cancels any weaves currently effecting your character. You may not use ter'angreal while this is in effect.
  6: Miscellaneous
Explosive Ward
This creates an explosive ward on a flat surface you are looking at. If a creature then passes close to this ward, it will explode.
Find Target
This causes all seeking weaves currently in use to change targets to your target.
Freezes the target in water, making them immobile for a short period of time.
This causes the target to be spun around in the air as long as you keep the weave active. You have control over how the target moves.
  7: Summoning
This summons a champion to help defend you.
    The Champions are
  • Sitter of the Hall (Aes Sedai)
  • Battle Trolloc (Forsaken)
  • Questioner (Whitecloak)
  • Legion (Hound)
This summons a guardian to help defend you.
    The Guardians are
  • Sister(Aes Sedai)
  • Myrdral (Forsaken)
  • Archer (Whitecloak)
  • Mashadar (Hound)
This summons a minion to help defend you.
    The Minions are
  • Warder (Aes Sedai)
  • Trolloc (Forsaken)
  • Soldier (Whitecloak)
  • Minion (Hound)
Personal Illusion
Creates an image of you which can distract enemies.
  8: Passive Weaves
This allows you to take on the image of the nearest creature. It helps you slip past enemies without attracting attention.
This raises your health 10 points.
This allows you to float a few inches above the ground. You may not use it to fly upward, but it will protect you from falling.
  9: Divination
Distant Eye
When this is first cast, it creates an eye at the point the caster is standing. Later, when cast again, it allows the caster to see through this eye as long as they do not move. Another activation causes darts to be shot from the eye.
Light Sphere
This creates a light that follows the caster around.
This creates a trail that leads to the nearest seal. It only lasts a short time.
Trap Detect
This allows the caster to see the closest trap. Note that it only detects one trap, regardless of how many are around.
  0: Unknown
You wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, would you? (ok, that is just my way of saying I haven't found out yet).

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