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 The Enemies

You will encounter many enemies in the Wheel of Time games. Some are listed here.


Trollocs are creations of the Dark One. A grotesque combination of man and animal, they kill for pleasure. Normally, trollocs live in tribes. You can expect to find three types of trollocs in the game.

Trolloc Grunt
The common foot soldier of the trollocs, you can expect to encounter many of these creatures. Most trollocs will engage you hand to hand although some will throw weapons at you also.

If a trolloc will give you pause, a Myrddraal will make you run. Also known as the Eyeless or Halfmen, they are crossbreeds between trollocs and men. Although Myrddraal have no eyes, they see better than humans during both night and day. They employ crossbows for ranged attacks, but up close expect them to wield their black swords, forged at Shayol Ghul, carrying the taint of the Dark One himself. Wounds from these swords can keep causing damage long after the Myrddraal is dead. These creatures also have the ability to fade into shadows, reappearing from other dark corners.

Clan Leader
Whenever you encounter a large number of trollocs, you can expect to find a leader somewhere around. Trolloc leaders are the biggest and baddest of the Trollocs. Leaders use a double edged halberd which they can use in hand to hand combat or throw at you.

  Children of the Light

Commonly referred to as Whitecloaks, Children of the Light are warriors who have dedicated themselves to defending the Light and have sworn all darkfriends as enemies. Their definition of darkfriends however, seems up for interpretation.

The standard grunt unit of the Whitecloaks, they will mainly engage you with swords. There shields are useful for blocking ranged attacks, but can be destroyed with enough hits.

These Whitecloaks used powerful long bows to engage their enemies from a distance and are known for accuracy.

The Spanish Inquisition has nothing on the Questioners. In their quest to dig the truth out of people, the Questioners are know for being some of the most vicious torturers in the known world. In the game, expect these people to be equipped with special shields which reflect your shots back at you.

  Creatures of Shadar Logoth

Shadar Logoth (SHAH-dahr LOH-goth), once known as the city of Aridhol, lies in ruins. It was a mighty city and trusted ally of Manetheren until it's own greed finally ate it away from the inside. Much of its destruction is blamed on a man named Mordeth, the king's advisor. It is said that he led the king and country down a dark path, using the Shadow's own tactics against it in the Trolloc wars. After a while, the city turned on itself, doubting and suspecting their own people.

Now, all that is left of Shadar Logoth is the decaying husk of the city. Ruined towers and empty courtyards line the desolate streets, yet something still lives there. Something not of the Shadow, but a shadow in its own right. An Evil at odds with both the Light and the Dark looking for wayward souls. Called Mashadar, this dark shadow is locked behind the city walls, waiting...

These are what is left of the long dead population that once occupied the city. Attacking from the shadows, these creatures have a strong dislike for light. They prefer to grab victims from dark corners with their very long arms and drag them into dark corners to devour them.

This is the evil of Shadar Logoth manifested. If these gaseous tendrils strike you, they will sap your strength, making themselves stronger in the process. If enough damage is done to these tendrils, they will retreat back into the place they came from.

The dead of Shadar Logoth does not have the luxury of resting in peace. When it can, the shadow takes control of dead creatures and animates them. These legion are strong enough to create violent tremors by smashing the ground, throwing bone shrapnel at their victims. They also have the ability to shoot off a tendril which will track down and subdue its prey.



While these are the known creatures to inhabit the World of Time, expect to find many other creatures loose in the land.



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