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  Hand 7

Hand 7
With these TAs you can summon monsters/people to fight for you. What you summon depends on the TA you use and which character skin you are using. Killing a creature summoned by an opponent counts as a kill for you. Conversely, any kills by a summoned creature are credited to the summoner.

Personal Illusion:
This TA will create an image of your character that will dissipate after a while. It is good for getting your opponents to waste ammo and attracting the attention of summoned creatures.

Here are the creatures that Minion summons:

  • Hound - Minion
  • Forsaken - Trolloc
  • Aes Sedai - Warder
  • Whitecloak - Whitecloak Soldier

Minions are too weak to be of much use. All they really do is provide easy kills for your opponents. When I do use them I like to place them by Andilay Root spawning grounds. Players run to them when weakened and your Minion might just get an easy kill for you. They can also be used to cover a retreat.

Here are the creatures that Guardian summons:

  • Hound - Mashadar
  • Forsaken - Myrddraal
  • Aes Sedai - Aes Sedai Sister
  • Whitecloak - Whitecloak Archer

These creatures are much stronger, and will often get you kills. My favorite creative kill is to summon a Mashadar tendril and catch people who approach it with Whirlwind.

Here are the creatures that Champion summons:

  • Hound - Legion
  • Forsaken - Battle Trolloc
  • Aes Sedai - Aes Sedai Sitter
  • Whitecloak - Whitecloak Questioner

These creatures are very powerful and will wreak havoc among your opponents. They are very capable of getting multiple kills for you. Any Freezeless opponent who tangles with a BATrolloc is as good as dead. People hate fighting Sitters and Legion can dominate a map.

When summoning creatures be selective about where you place them. Put them in strategic places where they can guard important TA spawning grounds or take opponents by surprise. As an example, Iíll show you how I summon the Houndís creatures in the Aridhol Awakens map.

Most people who play the Hound will typically plop Legion down right where the Champion TA respawns. This is not a bad idea because it allows you to control access to the Champion TA but there are disadvantages. The Champion TA spawns in a huge plaza with very long sight lines. This allows opponents to attack your Legion from a safe distance. Also, the plaza is not a great place for collecting TAs so you are forced to rely on Legion for most of your kills. A better idea (in my opinion) is to summon Legion in another part of the map where there is a small square with a stature and the street turns at a right angle. Opponent canít attack Legion here without coming right up to him. Right next to the square is an alcove where Guardian, Reflect, and Seeker respawn. Iíll place a Mashadar tendril here. Between Legion and Mashadar you have a safe haven to retreat to and unlimited access to Seeker and Reflect and you can get Fireball nearby too. Legion and Mashadar will get you kills and you can attack with Seeker and Fireball.

I donít have any examples on how to use creatures summoned by other skins because I use the Hound exclusively. From what I have observed, they are much more apt to wander about the map in search of kills than the Houndís stay at home defensive types. Where you summon them may not be as important.

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