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  Rate Level: Graveyard




Aes vs Fors vs Hound vs Wc

Reviewed by: Polygon

General Geometry General Geometry Notes:
7 A good job in general and detail geometry. Gravestones have different shapes and sizes and are scattered on a realistic grassy hill. The four towers are a little simplistic but serve their purpose well. Some computers might experience a drop in frame rate when you look down from one of the towers and get the whole graveyard in site.
Geometry Detail Geometry Detail Notes:
7 Gravestones have different shapes and sizes and are scattered on a realistic grassy hill. A lot of trees might give some machines some problems as well.

Textures Texture Notes:
8 There is not much variety in textures but they are used well. There are some repetitive alignment problems whit the stairs inside the towers, but nothing that is really obvious. There is a new texture pack included in this level. It contains textures that are used to create the gravestones. There are several names on them that you might recognise when you see them. This is actually pretty hilarious. A job well done...

Lighting Lighting Notes:
8 Lightning strikes in the background and light up the sky. This really benefits the creepy atmosphere. There is some good use of coronas and coloured lighting. Nothing is more important to make a level look realistic then lighting and in this level that is accomplished.

Sound / Music Sound and Music Notes:
8 Realistic sourcing and placement of sounds. There is nothing really bad to say about it. It does the job and does it well.

Angreal Assessment Angreal Notes:
8 Most TA are concentrated inside and around the four towers. This ensures a game flow from players around the level. The balefire is placed at the centre of the graveyard and will draw players to the top of the hill. Good and decent placement whit edited pools and some nice placement on the main wall.

Playability - Scripting Play Scripting Notes:
8 Almost all of the gravestones have triggers that trigger messages. Some of them are pretty hilarious “Quite standing on my damn head”. I really enjoyed reading them although I doubt the players will have time to read them when they are in the middle of a battle.
Playability - Theme Play Theme Notes:
9 A great idea and implemented ferry well. The involvement of the community in this map because of the names on the gravestones is something you do not see that often. All and all it’s a great place to hang around if you are dead or alive.
Playability - Style Play Style Notes:
8 The headstones actually make great cover and though this level seems to have some big open areas it does not mean you cannot hide. You can even take cover underground in a “portal” room if the action gets to hot for you. It’s a nice touch the author involved the surrounding wall in the playfield as well and did not keep this as a border mark.
Playability - Fun Fun Play Notes:
8 I would recommend playing this level offline for a while to read all of the gravestones and the messages. Online you should be in for some fun as well. It is a unique location and big enough to offer some variety in play style.

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