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  Rate Level: Serenity Painted Death

Serenity Painted Death



Aes vs Fors vs Hound vs Wc

Reviewed by: Polygon

General Geometry General Geometry Notes:
7 Clearly a lot of effort and time has been undertaken to make this a very diverse level. It is real treat to see that this editor has taken the effort to make every room have an individual geometry. The level is based on a rather symetrical axis. As far as complexity this level cannot compete with "Streets of Shadarlogoth" but, it does not disturb the player because of the great ferity that has been put in this level. A series of simple movers have been used to shape the different traps that can be activated by other players, which fit realisticly in this environment; and there are plenty of them. The vaulted ceilings are a little simplistic but they are a great contribution to this level.
Geometry Detail Geometry Detail Notes:
8 One point of criticism are the doorways. They’re TOO simple. I mean there is something called frame rate to take in to account, but this is a little bit to far fetched. The use of more polygons is advised in the future. The little balconies in the central hall are a very nice touch and offer the player some nice viewpoints. This editor has certainly a good aye for detail and I hope he will keep this up in his next project.

Textures Texture Notes:
6 The textures are generally chosen well and there are no really bothering alignment problems. There are unfortunately some shortcomings. This concerns the (mis) placement of some textures. Lets take the central hall as an example. The pillars that run right up until the roof are textured with white stones but so is the vaulted roof. At this point you weaken the point of attention you want the player to gasp at, in this case the vaulted ceiling. The windows are on the other hand excellent work as are the doorways.

Lighting Lighting Notes:
7 Excellent sourcing although I do not see any flames in the lamps that would create the light. But than again I think you hardly notice it since most of the lights are hanging above you’re head. I especially noticed the light and shadow play in this level. It is invigorating to see the sun cast its rays from the courtyard in to a rather dim hallway. The right colors have been used to set a different mood in the multiple rooms this level counts.

Sound / Music Sound and Music Notes:
6 The mood sounds do ferry good in a level like this. The different traps have the appropriate noises attached to them as well. And the bird noises in the courtyard… lets just say I could definitely live without them. And that covers all the sound there is.

Angreal Assessment Angreal Notes:
5 There is nothing really wrong with it but it has been done before. A nice touch is the earth tremor in the courtyard. You can pick it up on one of the upper platforms and throw it down on other players that are walking beneath you.

Playability - Scripting Play Scripting Notes:
5 The buttons that activate the traps work pretty well but a trigger would have looked and acted more realistic in this case since you have to physically touch the mover switch to activate the trap. (And I do not mean that you have to touch the screen, get your hand down before there are fingerprints all over the glass!). Pathnoding is a little wierd here, there is more pathnoding in central open rooms than in the hallways where it is necessary.
Playability - Theme Play Theme Notes:
7 There is no doubt about it if you are running around in this level. It must be the white stones that give it away. This is absolutely a part of the White Tower. It might be a part of the tower now one has wandered around in a long time though (with all the traps and stuff it’s a dangerous place).
Playability - Style Play Style Notes:
7 There should be something for everyone to enjoy in this level. There is plenty of room for players to experiment with different play styles and even combining them. The traps add another kind of option to ambush other players and finishing them off in hot lava or letting them be crushed by giant spikes. (I do not think you can get frags for that, but then again it is real pleasure for your sick twisted mind to see body parts flaying all over the place).
Playability - Fun Fun Play Notes:
6 It’s certainly not boring to look at and there is a lot of diversity in the different rooms to keep the player occupied. However I am afraid that the traps will not be used too much since you have to wait in the vicinity of a switch to activate a trap while in the mean time you are a sitting duck.

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