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  Rate Level: Space Station Omnicron

Space Station Omnicron



Aes vs Fors vs Hound vs Wc

Reviewed by: Polygon

General Geometry General Geometry Notes:
5 The level layout is symmetrical and really simple. There is not much hope if you are looking for something spectacular. Move along people… there is nothing to see here. Fortunately, it is an arena map, so enjoying the view will get ya killed anyways.
Geometry Detail Geometry Detail Notes:
4 The time to add detail to this level could have been spend better. The captured species were a good idea but the rest of the details distract you from game play rather than adding something to this level.

Textures Texture Notes:
3 I’m not sure on this department… The textures are probably somewhat exactable for a theme like this but who has ever seen a space station made out of stone (the Flintstones probably). WOT textures are just not made for these kind of levels and the author should have added a custom texture pack with more suitable materials.

Lighting Lighting Notes:
4 At least you can see... nothing spectacular, perhaps even below average. The skybox looks kind of weird too - you probably shouldn't stare at it to long. I did see a corona within the space station but it was a little big.

Sound / Music Sound and Music Notes:
4 Sound? What sound? I did not hear anything except from the teleports.

Angreal Assessment Angreal Notes:
7 It’s a decent placement with well edited spawn pools. Nothing that spectacular but it cranks up the score a little bit.

Playability - Scripting Play Scripting Notes:
7 Good enough pathnoding for this level and it won't distract you. There are enough player starts available and spread out over the entire level.
Playability - Theme Play Theme Notes:
4 This theme is just not fitting for the WOT game. It might be original but it is still not fitting. It could have worked well if it had been implemented better.
Playability - Style Play Style Notes:
7 Everything seems a little bit to narrow to really allow a variety of play styles. With the danger of falling to your death and the low gravity it might add some excitement.
Playability - Fun Fun Play Notes:
8 You can have some fun with this level. It is definitely an original. Low gravity works well for some players and there are not that many low gravity maps out there.

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