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  Rate Level: Cavern of Death

Cavern of Death



Aes vs Fors vs Hound vs Wc

Reviewed by: The Original

General Geometry General Geometry Notes:
8 As far as basic design goes, it's a good layout; one central location, tunnels radiating out on all sides, each leading to a different special area. Unfortunately, execution of this design leaves something to be desired. The brushes are misaligned, leaving small ledges and breaks in the surfaces where the brushes intersect. In the red-lit tunnels, a few extra passages are added unnecessarily. This author also suffers from boxitis; box brushes predominate here, especially in the red-lit maze area and in the temple.
Geometry Detail Geometry Detail Notes:
3 The two attempts at decorative geometry are nice attempts, but also lacking; 1) the trees don't really LOOK like trees, 2) the stalagmites and stalactites are too thick at the base, 3) in one of the rooms the stalagmites are hovering about a foot off the ground, and 4)on the temple area the colonnades are... shall we say... in seperate pieces. Overall, the geometry in this level is promising but needs some work.

Textures Texture Notes:
6 There is not a lot of variety in this area. Some of the areas look very boring, since all they contain is the basic rock texture. Also, the skybox textures do not look good; having them scroll merely makes them look fake. The textures are for the most part well-aligned, but suffer from occasional lapses that nonetheless make a substantial difference.

Lighting Lighting Notes:
4 Umm... light sources? Can we have some please? In this level, the only lights that should actually exist are the ones where the sky shines through the roof, and that's only in two places. In all other cases there ARE no light sources. This would be understandable if the lights were presumed to come from a phosphorescent glow, but you can't really give that impression in a level without using colored lighting, and only the red-lit tunnels do this. The areas are adequately lit for the purposes of dueling, but not for the purposes of eye candy.

Sound / Music Sound and Music Notes:
3 Another problem. There should at least have been a wind sound in the open-air sections, a fire-type sound in the red-lit areas, and an ambient mood sound in areas like the temple and a few others.

Angreal Assessment Angreal Notes:
6 This is actually fairly well-done. The only complaints are the lack of angreal in the side passages of the red area, the lack of which makes those tunnels unnecessary.

Playability - Scripting Play Scripting Notes:
6 Scripting is decent. Other problems aside, this level provides plenty of deathmatching space with a minimal chance of framerate drops.
Playability - Theme Play Theme Notes:
5 The theme is somewhat mundane, and isn't exactly implemented well, but isn't really too bad.
Playability - Style Play Style Notes:
7 Stylistic twists include the addition of a bottomless pit, which looks like it could be very fun to drop people into.
Playability - Fun Fun Play Notes:
6 Other problems aside, this level provides plenty of deathmatching space with a minimal chance of framerate drops. The large range of the level restricts its playability to a larger number of players, but if those larger numbers can be obtained, it should be a blast (literally) to play.

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