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End of the Age... - 12/28/2999

There are neither beginnings nor endings in the Wheel of Time, but this was an ending.

The lands grew quiet, both weak and strong, darkness and light, good and evil - all of creation seemed to be holding its breath, or breathing its last.
The dirty streets of Ebu Dar, the Great Halls of Illian, the broken towers of the Malkier, the cold plains of the Saladeans even the hulking city center of Tear; all silent.

Some called it the Aes Sedai Wars, others the 'Breaking' and many just called it the end; but all of that was only an echo now. The armies gone, the champions long forgotten, but some would argue that the world was a better place for it. Indeed, the daily activities of the common people were not interrupted much even in the darkest times.

Thus ended an age, an age that came to be called 'The Breaking of the World'. Most of the Age is lost in the battles with the One Power that gave it its name. But this we know; the seals are out there. Hidden by the White Tower, or unclaimed in the darkness of Aridhol, perhaps deep in the broken cities of Manetheren, or secreted away by the Children of the Light. Waiting.

It is in that dangerous knowledge that the nightmares of the heroes take form. Waking in a cold sweat, waking at a sound that may mean your association with the Forsaken has been discovered, or by the fear of the Dark One breaking free from his prison.

The world sleeps. The Power forgotten. The Age complete.

Relay for Life story... ;) - 10/27/2004

Earlier this year, I was informed of an event in my area where the American Cancer Society was raising money. Being an advocate of cancer research, I jumped at the chance to participate. Little did I know how challenging it was going to be.... [to be continued]

N-“Hey John, I’m doing an event for the American Cancer Society, and I wanted to know if you wanted to help out?”

J-“An event? What kind of event?”

N-“It’s a 24 hour walk-a-thon; our team will walk a track for 24 hours, to raise money for the American Cancer Society.”

J-“Hey that’s cool, how can I help? Can I walk too?”

N-“Sure!, or you could pledge money – or both!”

J-“So I need to solicate donations? ..for each lap or something?”

N-“No, it is for the event, just a flat donation – no need to count laps.”

About a week later, I had hit-up most of my family and got around $250 in pledges, so I was feeling pretty good.

Eventually, Nicole asked about the pledges, and reminded me that I had to have the money in a week ahead of the event.

!! EAK !!

I had to quickly make collection calls to my family, threatening them with a visit from a large Italian named Guido.

The money started pouring in, and I ended up about $60 OVER my pledge amount! (Thanks Guido!)

A week before the event, I walked outside to feed the dog. The dog was looking frisky, so I decided to play with him a little. I reached down for his rope-pull toy, and -BANG-

! ..hey.. that hurts like hell! ..I can’t get up…!

Yes, sports fans, I threw out my back. I endured the pain through my daughters birthday party, and part of Sunday – then finally called a chiropractor.

Now, I’m not much for ‘holistic’ medicine, but this hurt like crap, and I –HAD- to walk in 1 week!

I wasn’t nervous about it much, but I had never been ‘cracked’ before.

The pain was sharp, but I managed to contort into the position the chiropractor wanted; once there, he told me to relax (..oh yeah… relax..) …ya know the sound you hear when you smash one of your toes into a door or wall or something? – yeah – it’s really loud, but the anticipation of the pain that will follow is what really gets you. Imaging 4 or 5 vertebrae all giving away at the same time; the sound was like lightning, and my anticipation of the pain almost made me pass out; I held my breathe and waited...

..and waited.. ..and nothing..? HEY! COOL!

I had to contort the other way and repeat, but I now I knew what to expect.

The pain gradually subsided through the week, with help from my regiment of applying ICE, as instructed. By Saturday, my back felt really pretty good, so I headed off to San Marcos, and the “Walk for Life” event. here is where macho stupidity got the better of wisdom. I walked with people all through the day off-and-on, mostly just to talk and keep them company. By 6:00pm, I was beginning to feel a little tight in my back, so I decided I better stop and rest. Sure enough after sitting down, my back began to throb, and I also had a little pain in my knee… hmmm..

Well, you guessed it, by the time I finished my –FIRST- hour, I was in pain. Lots of pain. I asked around for some pain killers, and was happy to get a couple of Tylenol.

By this time, the sun was going down, and it was getting cold, not Michigan cold, but it felt downright frigid!

To finish up my long story, my 1 ½ hours of fitful, freezing sleep did nothing to relieve the pain in my back and knee, so my final hour on the track was near misery. I was reduced to about 8 laps that hour, and each step felt like I wanted to quit.

I was rewarded with a cold, and more ICING to ease the pain.. but hey!,

I encourage everyone to join up – I would do it again in a heartbeat.

In Honor of:
Lucy Strohl

In Memory of:
Marcia Hawker
Gene Ihly
Dave Coleman
Kim Landry
Dorothy Jeffers

American Cancer Society adventure! - 10/22/2004

Earlier this year, I was informed of an event in my area where the American Cancer Society was raising money. Being an advocate of cancer research, I jumped at the chance to participate. Little did I know how challenging it was going to be.... [to be continued]

WOT Aimbot - 9/29/2004

WoT Aimbot

The fix was added to the bottom of this interview.

[SL]JayJay -Why in the world would you make an aimbot?

JJ -I made some really dumb assumptions about the use of
JJ -it(an aimbot) in this community, and I made decisions based on those
JJ -assumptions.

[SL]JayJay -What the hell are you talking about?

JJ -You see… it seemed to me that this(aimbot) must already exist because:

JJ -a) Certain players, upon joining a game will 'instantly' get 10-15
JJ -kills, and often account for 50% or more of all a teams kills.
JJ -b) I get beat down in such a grand and consistent way
JJ -c) No matter how often I play, what my 'mouse' sensitivity is, or
JJ -how 'hot' I am, I -never- improve.

[SL]JayJay -So… don’t you just suck?

JJ -Well, in my bitter little mind, I figured it -MUST- be something
JJ -else, couldn't be me.

JJ -I was further convinced by the ease with which I was able to
JJ -generate a working aimbot, and in my first attempt with anything
JJ -using this language. I was further convinced because I was also
JJ -able to find, and exploit a loophole in the current server security.
JJ -All indications were that everybody already had aimbots, and I
JJ -had been simply playing the fool.

[SL]JayJay -So WOTSecure doesn’t block this?

JJ -WOTSecure is a great tool, and works just fine - in fact the
JJ -AimBot is already blocked on most servers. The loophole is in
JJ -the way a server is configured. I have already posted for server
JJ -administrators to contact me, and I can explain the fix.

[SL]JayJay -So, you made one, then what?

JJ -I used the aimbot for the first time in a 1 vs. 1 game with Rog
JJ -(the person who started this thread). I used the alias 'Longshot', so
JJ -I could test in secret - but the scoping of the aimbot wasn't right,
JJ -and I shot randomly into space and killed him, not once, but twice.
JJ -I immediately posted a 'lol' and left the server before he could ask
JJ -any questions.

[SL]JayJay -The aimbot worked? So now you suck and cheat?
[SL]JayJay -You are a sad little man.

JJ -The worst part is yet to come; my biggest mistake was my
JJ -interaction with Forge.
JJ -Forge has a great baleshot.
JJ -Forge saw me use the aimbot in a citadel game, and confronted me.
JJ -Forge said that I had to stop using it right away, and that if I didn't,
JJ -everyone would think that he had an aimbot too; he pleaded with
JJ -me to stop for the game sake. I was still bitter, and asked him how
JJ -he could believe that after 5-6 years of playing, nobody had it
JJ -already?? I was more convinced than ever that all the good players
JJ -used one. Forge said I was wrong, and he would beat me in an
JJ -Arena game – even if I used it.

[SL]JayJay -So, a challenge? What happened?

JJ -I proceeded to pummel him in a 20-4 trouncing in less than
JJ -3 minutes. Understand, that I have never beaten Forge, and rarely
JJ -get 20 kills in a bale citadel game.
JJ -Forge continued to try and dissuade me from using it, but I ignored
JJ -him. We struck up a friendship though, and I later instructed him
JJ -on the installation, so he could test with me.

[SL]JayJay -Damn, add naïve to your list of great qualities,
[SL]JayJay -(and schizophrenia).
[SL]JayJay -So, jerk, what about the Rain of Balefire tournament?
[SL]JayJay -You used it in the tourney too??

JJ -No. I know I have no credibility after this, but believe me, I didn’t
JJ -use it in the tournament. I thought about it though! It would’ve been
JJ -a great un-veiling to beat the crap out of BALEANON in the
JJ -tournament.

[SL]JayJay -How can anyone trust you again in this game?

JJ -I don’t know. I will do what I can to fix what I have done, but in
JJ -the end, each person will make their own opinion.
JJ -I am very sorry for what has occurred; I am very sorry for the
JJ -damage and confusion that this has caused.

The Fix

WOT AimBot ("sd.u" @ < 987kb - there are several versions, so there may be different sizes)
The WOT AimBot exploits a server setup mistake. It spoofs the SD.Sdconsole.

It works like this:

  • The default configuration allows ANY console to join the servers, even WOTSecure allows it, through this section:


  • The Aimbot uses the same package name, and is therefore allowed 'SD.sdConsole'

  • The server, not having the SD package installed, cannot validate the correct version, and allows any package named this way to join the server.

  • The fix is simple;
    •1. Add 'ServerPackages=SD' to the '[Engine.GameEngine]' of the active WOT.ini file

    •2. Load up the most current version of SD.u into the /system directory (check

    •3. Install the most recent version of WOTSecure

Updates 'n' Stuff - 9/7/2004

Hello my loyal 14 visitors! :p

I finished going through the Forums List and they are up-to-date.

I also added the really cool WoT Map from The White Tower, it's amazing what you find out there when you visit every site you know! Anyhow, check it out, and see who is close to you!

The Rain of Balefire tournament will be starting soon, as will the 2004 Euro Arena Cup - you can get the updates on the forums(see Forums List).

Clan forums emptied of posts! - 8/13/2004

Once again Shadar Logoth is proud to bring you an exclusive look inside the IT department of Atari!

Seen here through the eye of the security cameras, the backup disk with all the posts disappears; the Microsoft is claiming responsibility for the attack, the XBox ninja is still at large.

STANDBY="Loading ShadarLogoth Media..."

Video from

BalePheer gametype - 7/19/2004

OK, so I took the site down, now I put it back, so?? :p

BalePheer gametype

I wanted to pop up some news that has been missed - BalePheer.

)4R(Dave allowed a few of us to BETA test the new gametype, complete with scoring!

The game was played on a few old favorites, like arena_bale202. It has the same objective as arena, kill everyone else, but this game won't end with the most kills, rather the most skilled shooter.

[-M-]JayJay shoots )4R(Dave at point blank range while standing still - (1 point)
)4r(Dave shoots [-M-]JayJay from the air to the ground from 40 paces - (670 points)
)4R(Dave shoots [-M-]JayJay from the air while [-M-]JayJay is in the air, across the entire map - (2400 points)

The 1st to score 15000 points or more wins.

I look forward to getting my ass kicked on yet another new gametype! :p Good Job Dave!

And so the call went out to all the land for heroes... - 5/4/2004

Shadowed Destiny: 4/27/04; The Guardian
"...can you make WoTMS movies?"

Legend of the Serilim: 5/1/04; Locarius

" guys could track down a modeller for us."

These are perhaps the only reason that I am still lurking around here.. well, that and pics of Iseult.

Please!, if you are the one to help, join the team NOW - we need you!

Distributed Computing... - 2/21/2004

Ever wanted to be part of something bigger than yourself?

Distributed computing breaks down very complicated tasks into small pieces that can be processed by itself.

Take for example Cancer; millions of molecules being checked for interaction against hundreds of thousands of proteins. The task seems beyond measure. More recently, created a group that aids Stanford University with thier Alzheimers research.

I just wanted to plug these systems for the potential benefits they would bring. In closing, DO SOMETHING!, GET INVOLVED!

Folding at Home

United Devices

WOTSecure 5.0 is here - 1/31/2004

Whats new in this version of WOTSecure?

    The 5.0 updated features include:
  • New gametype WOTSecure50.giMPArenaNew
  • New gametype WOTSecure50.giMPBattleNew
    These gametypes fix some gametype related stuff but do not add anything new.
  • New PlayerClass: Added most of the SD stuff to WOTSecure, like picking up seals from altar.
  • SealFix now works properly
  • Setting forceNewGametype option to true forces server to one of the new gametypes
    (depending on which gametype is currently active).
    The 4.0 updated features include:
  • 'BAD PING' error fix
  • WOTSecure is compatible with Vitaly's Duel-mod
  • Functions to simplify frequently used and frequently forgotten serverside commands

This mod is already loaded onto most of the servers, so if you don't have the enhancement, or for a complete list of changes, visit for WOTSecure!

New Fubar website! - 1/14/2004

New Fubar website !

The new Fubar webiste is up, stop by and take a look. This latest site is, in my opinion, the best so far. If you like it, or have comments, drop by the Fubar Forums and drop them a note!

Shadowed Destiny - 12/29/2003

A Shadowed Destiny Christmas

Well here is a pleasant surprise! On Christmas Eve, Guardian released the final multi-player mod from Shadowed Destiny.

Read about it here.

This comes just as the Wheel of Time at War tournament is about to begin - the tournament includes this game-type.

New Map by God! - 12/24/2003

Finally!, some news to bump the neverending Arena Cup article

Our friendly neighborhood God has been at it again. His latest work has been published on his website at It is version 2 of the "No Bale" (aka Nefarious) map, and it's definitely worth a look.

Thanks for the Christmas present God!

ArenaCup practice session - 10/29/2003

Want to practice? Try this...

    Practice Session on [-M-] ArenaCup Server
  • add 'AngrealHandOrder[66]=SummonBot' to your 'user.ini' file
  • join the [-M-] ArenaCup Server
  • type '[TAB]adminlogin practice'
  • type '[TAB]summon Arena_Bot.SummonBot'
  • type '[TAB]adminlogout'
  • start the game - [F10]
  • pickup the 'Mashadar TA' and 'fire' (WARNING: Just once!)
    Now just play out the 15 minutes and try to kill the bot as many times as possible.
    I know I suck, but my first try got me to 8/7 (without BF) - Good Luck!

9/11 Remembered - 9/11/2003


NEW YORK, Sept. 11 — The nation marked Thursday with moments of silence and public reflections on the more than 3,000 lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001. At Ground Zero, bagpipers, a drummer and guards escorted a U.S. flag into the site where the World Trade Center towers had stood as children sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Other children, some in tears, read the 2,792 names of parents and other loved ones killed that day as hijacked jets crashed into the towers, bringing them down as the world watched in horror.

Sammael vs. Carridin - 9/5/2003

Once again Shadar Logoth is proud to bring you ringside with an exclusive look inside the legendary rivalry of Sammael and Carridin!!

Step ringside and tremble as these two super powers flex their muscles! (please don't try this at home!)

STANDBY="Loading ShadarLogoth Media..."

Video from

WOTSecure v3.0 is here - 9/1/2003

What is WOTSecure you ask?

WOTSecure is a modification to WOT Multiplayer games.

    A short list of WOTSecure features is here:
  • an enhanced player 'scoreboard'
  • enhanced security for game servers
  • IP logging capabilities for servers
  • Console banning (cheat blocker)
  • 'LagCheating' bug fix
  • 'Lost Seal' bug fix
  • 'Distant Eye' bug fix
  • 'Personal Shield' bug fix
  • Personal Messages (PM)
A team of people worked on these changes, including Haral (Cheatblocker), Vitaly (Distant Eye and Personal Shield fixes), Dalrion (Personal Messages assistance), and Lews (Security and logging). Thanks to Lews for pulling this all together into a single package.

This mod is already loaded onto most of the servers, so if you don't have the enhancement, or for a complete list of changes, visit the WOTSecure website!
Get WOTSecure from the Brainiacus mirror

ç13 Training Techniques Revealed!! - 8/16/2003

I tried to warn you, but nooooo...... (ç13) wins the Breaking Tournament

Official results - click here|Flame thread - click here|How did they DO it? - click here

An unnamed, but highly reliable source has come forward with some training footage that threatens to ALTER THE BALANCE OF POWER in WOT Clans!

Shown here exclusively, you’ll see first hand their training video for “CAPPERS” (played by none other than (ç13)Aragron !), followed in the same footage by “DEFENDERS” (played here by (ç13)Dalrion !).

STANDBY="Loading ShadarLogoth Media..."

Video from, created by

[SaC]Peppe's ServerWatch - 8/8/2003

Another quick newsworthy note:

If you haven't seen it yet, Click here for [SaC]Peppe's ServerWatch page.

This page will allow you to see who is online, and how a game is progressing. A link has been added to the left side navigation bar under "Main".

Thanks Peppe!

If you run a server and don't have this yet, contact [SaC]Peppe for the installation files and notes.

Forums updated - 8/7/2003

Greetings!, the Forums page has been updated

This is a page from Jayde's original '' site, before the ShadarLogoth renovation. It was included in the redux, but only as a static HTML page. I just converted it to ASP so that it can be remotely updated.

Therefore, I am looking for a person to maintain the ShadarLogoth Forums page. If you are interested, please contact; in the mean time if you see a forum missing, or one that is wrong, please send me a message to the above address.


As if the I-Lan servers weren't enough... - 6/7/2003

From the crappy customer service file I bring you - I-Lan

server is back up--we don't give refunds for downtime and don't give credits for servers that are down for less than 24 consequtive hours--all of our SLA's are listed in the terms of service.

-Admin: Jill Cooper, ILan Game

-so has ANYONE seen the MK server in the last 72 hours?

I-Lan Servers Suck! - 6/6/2003

I am so ticked off with I-Lan that I just wanted to be sure that no one else even considers using this sham of a company.

I booted up WOT, and yet again find that the server is missing; down again.

I have had problem after problem and they refuse to address it. They simply 'reboot' the server and say everything is fine; meanwhile, another tournament weekend becomes hectic while clan re-assign play times and servers.

This is the 'current' history - there were more, but they get 'purged'.

.: Support.History

Complete trouble tickets listing

.: Critical Tickets

Game Server Down Closed Apr 3, 0:20 - 0 0
Game Server Down Closed Apr 9, 1:32 - 0 0
Game Server Down Closed Apr 9, 21:30 - 0 0
Game Server Down Closed May 31, 15:58 - 1 2
Game Server Down Closed Jun 1, 1:24 - 0 1
Game Server Down Closed Jun 4, 2:40 - 0 0
Game Server Down Active Jun 6, 23:08 0 Days 0 0

.: High Priority Tickets

Game Server Crashes Often Active Jun 6, 23:13 0 Days 0 0

.: Medium Priority Tickets

Game Server Problems Closed Mar 28, 18:49 - 0 1
Misc Problem Closed May 28, 0:19 - 0 0
Transfer Request Active Jun 4, 2:41 2 Days 1 0

The Breaking Tournament - 6/5/2003

Things are heating up, lets keep this link a the top shall we?

The Breaking 3 website

PS. Good luck to all of the clans..

Added Ringfinger to the list... - 5/25/2003

I saw in the forums that someone was looking for the latest Ringfinger. Jayde had already loaded it, but like so many others, it hadn't been added to the list yet.

Without further delay, Ringfinger2b

Retirement... - 5/6/2003

Jayde Retiring from Wheel of Time

OK, so this doesn't qualify as WoT news, but it does affect this site.

I am leaving WoT. There are many reasons, but I will miss the game a lot. Although I never got past being just an OK player, I enjoyed it a lot.

Many thanks to the members of the community, especially to the members of the Malkier Kings clan - my WoT family.

Some of the site responsibilities will be vacant, but Jay now has complete control.
The MK Game Server is now in the hands of [MK]Balefireman.


The Angreal - 4/27/2003

Quote April 27th

Welcome to the newest Wheel of Time fansite, The Angreal!

Please register on our forums to get the most out of the site.

New Website!

Exciting news announced today from another new member to our community - " Hector, otherwise known as Hålo"

This new site features cool new graphics, files section, forums, tips and tricks! You've gotta check it out!

PS. The site is currently looking for folks to post news, events and to review the maps; interested?, click here to read more.

Draft Tournament is OVER!! - 4/6/2003

Read all about it here...

(sorry... not gunna tell, you'll have to read the thread!! )

Goodnight, sweet prince... - 3/20/2003

There are neither beginnings nor endings in the Wheel of Time, but this was an ending...
3/19/2003 3:00pm PST

[edit 3/20/2003]
An ending to the Win NT server that hosted this site. The site is now on a .NET Win2000 server with increased disk space, memory, etc... :) (fool ya?)

The Breaking 3 - 3/6/2003

The long awaited announcement has finally come:

The Breaking 3 website
Hey folks, me and Jae, and Lan there have put together a little tourney, and we are now joined by Izzy. The rules are complete, the website is up, even the schedule is in place...

The theme for the tourney I had back when I started making Outposts 4: the World is Broken, the end is near.

For the complete story and follow-up, Click Here!

King of Chaos - 2/28/2003

A new tournament??? - no.Simply a fun little game to pass the time for those of us not in the Draft Tournament.
[MK]Jayde's Elvin Army[AL]Arorra's Elvin Army
Suavis (aka. [MK]Sweets)
[MK]Lancelot's Dwarven Army[MK]Archangel
Min al'Tarasir (aka. Cruella/Nessi)
[OD]MiRaGE's Elvin ArmyMandinga's Army
Elcin (aka. Sarig)
[AL]Rogosh's Army{S'A}Manetheren's Army
Emus Trask

Click EACH link (once PER DAY), to give a player another 'soldier'; sign up to join a players 'army', and to start one yourself!

Send me an e-mail to post your link here.

Aurvandil and new maps - 2/7/2003

According to Norse Mythology, the Giant Aurvandil is well disposed towards the Gods.

Recently posted on the WoT forums: "new maps"; since I -LOVE- to see new maps, I downloaded them and checked 'em out!

I loved these maps!

I loaded up a server for 6 players last night to play these, as expected, everyone had to download the maps from the game server. Once we had a full server, we were able to play the level - and what FUN games!


For your convienience, I have uploaded the maps here with a brief description from the Authors web site where you can get them, or visit the authors detail page here to get them.

Reflections, Authors and Oni... - 1/15/2003


Reflections of Reality

For those of you who enjoy keeping up on the latest - those 2 guys Gildan and Keden'gar are continuing thier work on the Reflections of Reality Mod for WOT. Click the link to read about the latest on thier 'Spotlights' page.


The ShadarLogoth multiple authors code is complete - the levels section looked a little weird during the transition this evening. We are now able to display authors, co-authors and credits on the main levels listing.

Correction posted >
WOTOni !

If you haven't seen this lately!, you haven't seen this! Drop by and see the great new by Odo.[oni]
From the WOTOni Webmaster Odo.[oni] originally started being dedicated to 2 games, our beloved game WoT and another great game Oni. Hence its name, WoTOni. The site has now expanded to another game called Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.

Thanks to Odo.[oni] for the correct information here

Coming Soon...

This line was intentionally left blank to see if anyone really reads these... :)

Level Archive Updates - 1/10/2003

As promised, we continue to add to the database of levels created and/or modified by users.

Recently we added the 4 Single-Player levels and a handfull of Arena levels; we also added a quick tally on the left navigation bar - so watch the count for changes!

Draft Tournament Starts on the 13th! - 1/8/2003

The lastest info about the MAPS, the "MINI-DRAFT" (like mini-me I suppose), was posted by Ara a short time ago...
Read about it here!

On a side note, a few maps were added to the LEVELS section, and several have had screen shots added - coming soon: version code to support multiple versions of levels, and multiple authors on levels!!

Also just announced: A new map by Chuckles called Ordinance; exclusively at - Project Sphere -. Click here and download the lastest now! This map was seen on the [AL]House of Love game server already! so get on and check it out!

WOT Clans is back! - 1/6/2003 is back!

Use the '' link on the left to jump to the site and catch up!

Arena Strategy Guide is back - 12/18/2002

Well, it's Christmas, and I have a gift for you!!

Well, it's really just a repair-redo-revamp from the old Shadar Logoth: the Arena Strategy Guide by Hitme. This is the LAST section of the site to be retreived.

That's right!, the last one.

The coding work that has gone into this has been split between Jayde and myself, but the vision was all her. I'd like to take a moment to say "Thanks Jayde!" from the whole community. I know that the work is appreciated from the counter, but you might wanna drop her a personal note.
PS. Merry Christmas!

Outposts4 - New twist to an old favorite... - 12/14/2002

If you haven't been online recently then you might have missed Outposts4.
The original favorite has been done-over yet again, but this time a lot of creative texures, and geometry went into it. The Aes Sedai citadel is depicted as run-down, and falling apart; the entire map seems to be hundreds of years older than the original level.

In addition to the new look of the level, there is another treat! - music by Tool plays in the mid-world area of this level.

[AL]Walker Boh is responsible for this latest redux, and is also skilled at playing it (just another of my evening a$$-kickings on the account of the clans). I really enjoyed the game, and the new level.
Great job Walker!

This map is available in the levels section, Click here to jump to this map.

Just when you thought you couldn't be surprised! - 12/1/2002

Source: A Spoke of the Wheel

A new member made his debute in the : Clans Forum, and with news that caught me totally by surpise.

The last Single-Player maps released into our community were by Hideya in mid 2001, - downloads available in the "Levels" section

- until now -

"In Quest of Perfection" was released by Gildan, and
"Lost Hope" released by Keden'gar.

As if that was not surpise enough, a MOD was announced: "Reflections of Reality". (The MOD seems to have ideas much like the notorious "Shadowed Destiny" MOD)

I look forward to more from this newfound source, and I'll keep you posted!

Author System Live! - 11/26/2002


The basic Author System is now live! (Thanks to JayJay for adding in this complex piece of coding!)

The Author system allows each level 'Author' to update a personal 'Profile'. These profiles are available any time a person accesses the level archive, or a map designed by the author. The profile includes a link to the authors website, a link to send an e-mail to the author, and a large text section for comments from the author.
If you are an author, and would like to have access to your profile page, please contact me right away and I will give you a username and password to log into the site!

Level Review and User Systems live! - 11/19/2002

Hi all!

The basic Level Review, and basic User systems are now complete. I have designs on a couple of community people to help with the level reviews, as I am not really qualified for that. The Author, and Poll systems are still in production, and of course, adding new maps is still an ongoing project. Most of the maps are already in the directory structure, but many need screen shots, all need a review, and several still have information that needs to be verified. I will be adding them on the fly, so check each day as I continue to add levels.

A special thanks to JayJay for the coding work thus far.

Folding - 11/7/2002


Very soon, the Wotclans team will be climbing the TOP 1000 list, come on and join the team!

Join your clan, WoT community members and Stanford University in this cool distributed computing project. has set up a team where we can participate as a group! Click here to see the team progress!

Crossroads of Twilight :Book Ten of 'The Wheel of Time' - 11/4/2002

Source: Barnes & Noble

From the Publisher
In the tenth book of The Wheel of Time from the New York Times #1 bestselling author Robert Jordan, the world and the characters stand at a crossroads, and the world approaches twilight, when the power of the Shadow grows stronger.
This book will be available on January 7

Fleeing from Ebou Dar with the kidnapped Daughter of the Nine Moons, whom he is fated to marry, Mat Cauthon learns that he can neither keep her nor let her go, not in safety for either of them, for both the Shadow and the might of the Seanchan Empire are in deadly pursuit.

Perrin Aybara seeks to free his wife, Faile, a captive of the Shaido, but his only hope may be an alliance with the enemy. Can he remain true to his friend Rand and to himself? For his love of Faile, Perrin is willing to sell his soul.
At Tar Valon, Egwene al'Vere, the young Amyrlin of the rebel Aes Sedai, lays siege to the heart of Aes Sedai power, but she must win quickly, with as little bloodshed as possible, for unless the Aes Sedai are reunited, only the male Asha'man will remain to defend the world against the Dark One, and nothing can hold the Asha'man themselves back from total power except the Aes Sedai and a unified White Tower.

In Andor, Elayne Trakland fights for the Lion Throne that is hers by right, but enemies and Darkfriends surround her, plotting her destruction. If she fails, Andor may fall to the Shadow, and the Dragon Reborn with it.

Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn himself, has cleansed the Dark One's taint from the male half of the True Source, and everything has changed. Yet nothing has, for only men who can channel believe that saidin is clean again, and a man who can channel is still hated and feared-even one prophesied to save the world.
Now, Rand must gamble again, with himself at stake, and he cannot be sure which of his allies are really enemies.

How cool is that? I can hardly wait - I am re-reading the series so I can remember whats going on... I'm just finishing book 8 (again)...

Map Blast! kinda... - 11/2/2002

Hello all those people who keep checking just to see if this redux is for real! :)

I am still adding maps, slowly but surely. I have soo many, but not always enough (or correct) information about the map for me to publish a record for it. I am continuing to do my research, and add maps as I can.

When you look through the Levels section and see something missing, or if you know an author where I have 'unknown', please e-mail me by clicking on the 'Submit News' link on the left side of each page!

Wheel - 10/25/2002

I will be integrating the information into the new site shortly, until then please be patient.

Site News - 10/25/2002

Well, with all the other new sites, and great changes, this will probably be just another 'update'; but here goes...

I have completely rewritten the site using ASP, and thus eliminated all the frames. I have added the login feature that will allow remote entry and update of news, links, maps, reviews and users. For now, the news, and map utilities are functional, and I will have the other utilities written shortly.

If you have any comments, or things you'de like to see on this site, please drop me a line.

Rising from the ashes... - 5/15/2002

Well, howdy. If you're seeing this page, its because I asked you to come here and check out the progress, so, Thank You! ceased to exist shortly after the last post by Demandred, many hours of love and labor were seemingly lost forever - as so much of the internet has been lost. Now, after hours of restoration, we now have the shell of as it stood near the end. Many new sites have come to fill the gap that Shadarlogoth left, and this site may no longer be needed. This is where you come in; I cannot maintain such a site alone,(the reviews alone prove that I am not capable), therefore I am requesting help, or honest feedback about whether or not should stand.

Goodnight, sweet prince... - 1/28/2001

This sucks. In a fairly major way. It seems that our esteemed network administrator can no longer afford to maintain the server that this site runs off of. Therefore, unfortunately, will shortly cease to exist unless we find a new server willing to host us. If we can, then you should be able to avail yourselves of our services with only a brief period of downtime. If not, then goodbye and thanks for your months of support and patronage in helping to make ShadarLogoth the biggest WoT file repository on the 'net.

A little bit of more spice - 1/27/2001

It may seem like forever(it has) since I have updated, but I have. The maps section should look semi up to date. Some maps have been added and changed, etc... If you want to submit a level, click the link under the Main title in the left frame. I have also added a Mods page located under Downloads. Shadowed Destiny is not available for download from our servers until they release a new updated version but Redemption is locked, and loaded. Have a great superbowl weekend!!!

A little bit of spice - 12/22/2000

aka minor site updates: Chief among these, as you can see, is the new title pic and the graphics flanking it. I think it looks pretty cool, but I want your opinions; post on the forums if you like it, have suggestions for alterations, or think that it looks horrible and I should bring the old graphics back. Also, I've updated the links section, updating a few links and adding one to WoT Editor Fix, for all you editors who need tutorials. Lastly, I've updated the level submission procedures, so anyone who wants to send in a level should take a look before they submit their work.

Rising from the dead - 12/21/2000

Well... not really. Actually it's closer to rising from the couch to actually do work (same thing in some peoples' opinion). Anyway, I'm probably going to be able to fill in a bunch of those blanks in the 'rating' column of the level archive pretty soon, and to start you off I have reviews of A Marionette's Arena, Aye of the Soul, Belryan's Fireball Arena, and Coliseum. More to come as soon as I finish decorating my Christmas tree (which, though a particularly unimpressive specimen uncut has turned into quite a prime example of electricity overuse).

Updates Coming - 11/26/2000

It is Alaster here. I have joined this wonderful team to help them edit and help with the efforts of sorting out the maps section and what not. Please bear with us as this is NOT our fulltime job :) I have also added a page with regards to WoTEd. This Utilities Page right now just includes terra edit, but if more utils become available, I will surely add them. Have a nice day.

Staff updates - 10/8/2000

OK, so I said I'd be back when the school year started. Turns out I was wrong; instead I've overloaded myself with classes and therefore only have two hours a day of free time during the week. Fortunately I have some great staff to help me out: in addition to Matrim, who's doing a great job, we now welcome Kalen and The Guardian to the staff. Kalen will be in charge of doing Arena reviews until I'm able to take over that again, and The Guardian (who has been working with us for a while, but only just now got an account) will continue to do Citadel reviews.

September Arena Poll Results! - 10/2/2000

Here are the results of the September Arena Poll:

Subjugation 21% - (12 Votes)
Streets of Shadar Logoth 15.7% - (9 Votes)
Belryan's Fireball Arena 7% - (4 Votes)
Secrets of the Soul 7% - (4 Votes)
Soul Box 5.2% - (3 Votes)
The Hell Ring 5.2% - (3 Votes)
Waterslide 5.2% - (3 Votes)

Vote Now for your favorite Citadel maps.
Several new maps are on the list this month.
Dance of Silence
Entropy's Daughter
The Great Tree

I have turned the vote delay off so you can see the current standings immediately. The votes lately have dropped a lot, please get yours in before the deadline.

If any new maps are missing please submit them to the address at the top of this post.

Hand 1 - 2/17/1999

Hand 1 - This hand consists of the direct fire TAs.
These are the 'projectile' weapons in WoT, pay close attention because when you see an enemy, you'll probably be dodging these.

Air Pulse
Useless. If this is all you have you are cannon fodder.

This weak TA will typically be your weapon of last resort. Dart fires a fast moving pulse of energy that does little damage. Its only upside is its rapid rate of fire. In maps where your opponents will often be weakened because of the scarcity of healing options Dart may actually get you some kills. Grim Guigol and Cacophony of Silence are two such maps. On other maps where potent offensive and defensive TAs are readily available Dart should never be used. One exception to this rule is battling Legion. Dart’s rapid rate of fire and absence of splash damage make it eminently suitable for shooting down those infernal ghost heads that Legions spits at you. Should you ever wish to take on Legion in an Arena map a good tactic is to hit it with a few shots from a more potent TA and then retreat and switch to Dart to kill the heads. Repeat this process until Legion goes down.

Earth Tremor
Earth Tremor shoots out a short-range arcing projectile that causes a violent earthquake to occur on whatever surface it strikes. While the damage the tremor causes is considerable, its area of affect is too small to result in very many kills. Because of this, Earth Tremor is not used very often in most Arena maps. It can be used effectively, however, in maps with narrow corridors and weakened opponents. Once again, Grim Guigol is a prime example of this type of map. In fact, on that map, Earth Tremor is somewhat of a staple. The best tactic to use is to lob one shot over your opponent’s head and another in front of him so he will have nowhere to run. You can also use Earth Tremor to shake a persistent tormentor off your tail. Run into a narrow corridor and place a tremor on the floor behind you, odds are he won’t run through it to pursue you.

Fireball accounts for a high percentage of kills in any given Arena match. It is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful and valuable TAs in WoT. These are the reasons I am so enamored with Fireball:
Its velocity and rate of fire are surpassed only by Dart.
Direct hits pack one hell of a wallop and will bring an opponent down very quickly.
Fireballs cause considerable splash damage, making precise aim unnecessary.
When attacking with Fireball, aim at your opponent’s feet. That way, even if he manages to dodge he will still take splash damage. You can also aim for walls if they are standing near them. Take care when firing fireballs in tight places. If the fireball strikes too close to you the splash damage can injure or kill you. Don’t forget that suicides subtract from your number of kills. If you are attacked with Fireball, dodge from side to side and never stop moving. Keep away from walls and avoid corners at all costs. I’ll elaborate on additional defensive and counter-offensive measures you can take as I discuss subsequent TAs.

Balefire is the doomsday weapon of WoT. You can kill multiple players with one shot, blast through walls across the entire map, and there is no way to defend against it. In spite of this tremendous power, Balefire’s gameplay value is limited. Because it is necessary to charge up, it has a very slow rate of fire. The charge up is also accompanied by a very distinctive sound that announces your intentions to everyone in the map. By the time you are ready to fire you’re likely to see nothing but elbows and assholes as your opponents scatter for cover, leaving you holding the bag with nothing to shoot at. Another weakness of Balefire is the difficulty in hitting a moving target, a problem that is exacerbated by lag.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of Balefire usage:

  • Don’t run around helter-skelter with Balefire charged up looking for someone to blast. You aren’t likely to hit anyone and this leaves you vulnerable. More on that issue later.
  • Do use in combination with immobilizing TAs such as Freeze and Whirlwind.
  • Do use on players you spot skulking in hiding spots or standing still.
  • Do use on players that are distracted while fighting someone else.
  • Don’t be afraid to counter-attack someone who is using Balefire. Your opponent won’t be able to counter your attacks without firing and then switching TAs.

If you make yourself hard to hit by dancing around you will have the advantage. Be aware, however, that some players are very good at hitting moving targets, in spite of the lag. Malivar and [Legend]TheFoodGuy are two players that have drilled me repeatedly while I attempted to counter attack. The problem here is that there is no sure way of knowing who you are up against until it’s too late.

No discussion of Balefire would be complete without covering the topic of Balefire jumping. Balefire causes you to recoil in the opposite direction that you fire. The longer you charge your shot the stronger the recoil is. You can use this recoil to jump to great heights by aiming at your feet. Jumping and then firing just before you start falling back down will propel you even higher. You can reach some interesting places by Balefire jumping. The towers in Keep in the Borderlands come to mind.

Hand 2 - 2/17/1999

Hand 2 - This hand contains seeking TAs, the bane of every beginner.
A lot of people have complained about these TAs saying they ruin the game but, in reality, they seldom kill good players. They are just too easy to counter. Whenever someone has locked a seeking TA onto you, your character icon will have a green halo and you will hear a metallic clang. It is easy to identify which TA has been locked onto you because each one has a distinctive appearance and sound. Also, be aware that these TAs move at different speeds, from the plodding Decay to the speedy Soul Barb.
Regardless of their initial speed, all will accelerate as time goes by.
I will cover each TA from the point of view of someone that is firing them. How to defend against them will be covered when we get to the appropriate defensive TAs.

This wicked TA should be banned by the Geneva Convention alongside nerve gas and germ warfare. Taint moves at a moderate speed and its appearance is a small red sphere with two smaller spheres in orbit. It will do no damage to you if it strikes. Instead, it will taint your collection of TAs. When you try to use them you will take damage in proportion to the strength of the TA used. If you have enough health you can use Unravel or Aura of Unraveling to untaint your TAs. If that is not an option you can rid yourself of tainted TAs by cycling through your collection and pressing the backslash button to drop them or by simply allowing someone to kill you. Tainted TAs stay tainted even after you drop them or are killed, making a fine trap for anyone who picks them up.
Personally, I never use Taint but that is my choice. If you are willing to accept the risk of picking up a tainted TA then you can use Taint to cripple an opponent for an easy kill.

Soul Barb
Firing Soul Barb will release a fast moving black circle with an orange/red corona. Soul Barb also makes a distinctive roaring/growling sound. Soul Barb is very similar to Taint. It does no damage but causes a stricken opponent to take damage whenever he uses a TA for a short amount of time. This damage is proportional to the strength of the TA used and is multiplied by each additional strike of Soul Barb. If you get barbed, run away and wait for the effects to pass. There will be an icon at the top of your screen that lets you know how much time is left. Unravel or Aura of Unravel will remove the barbs but you will take damage. Soul Barb tactics fall into two categories - Precursors to attacks and defense. Hitting someone with Soul Barb and then following up with a barrage of fireballs or other weapon is a very effective strategy.
Remember how the damage caused by Soul Barb is proportional to the strength of the TA used? If you see someone running around with Balefire charged up, hit him with a couple of barbs. If he lets loose with that Balefire before they wear off he’ll be taking a dirt nap. Soul Barb is a useful defensive TA as well. If someone is attacking you and you are in no condition to fight back a barb may convince him to break off. Soul Barb is also useful when you have no means to counter a Freeze that has your name on it. If you can barb your opponent he will probably leave you alone while you are iced.

You are probably already all to familiar with the appearance of Seekers. These relentless green globes of energy are the nemesis of newbies and respawnees. Once fired, a Seeker will follow its target and explode on impact.
Strategically, Seekers offer the benefit of being able to fire them from a safe distance. You don’t generally have to worry about taking a fireball in the face when you are looking for someone to shoot at. Keep in mind that Seekers can be Reflected back at you and don’t expect them to strike very often.
Like I said earlier, they are very easily countered. One more thing to remember about Seekers is that they cause splash damage when they explode. Don’t fire a Seeker at an opponent that is close-by and avoid getting too close to Seekers even if they are not targeted at you, as they will explode unpredictably once they have lost their lock.
Some players will turn kamikaze when faced with Inevitable Seeker Death and try to run up next to another player when the Seekers strike so the splash damage will kill them too. This tactic may be amusing but it makes little sense to give an opponent another kill for free.

Decay fires sickly-looking yellow/orange/green balls that travel a little slower than Seekers. The rate of fire of Decay is also slower than Seeker. When they strike they cause their victim to take damage for a short period of time. Though not as dramatic as Seeker, Decay is quite deadly. Two Decays will take out even a healthy opponent. In addition to the physical damage, it will also suck charges out of your TAs, beginning with the most powerful and workings its way on down to the weaker. If you are hit by Decay and cannot counter it be sure to activate any shields and use up Heal before they are eaten.
The same strategic rules that apply to Seeker (can be Reflected, can be countered, etc.) apply to Decay with one exception. Decay causes no splash damage making it safe to fire at near-by opponents. Running right up to an opponent and firing Decay is a good trick because they will have no time to counter. More often than you would expect you will find yourself running backwards with an opponent running backwards directly in front (or behind, depending on how you want to look at it) of you. Decays are almost certain to strike home in these circumstances. (This odd occurrence happens most frequently on a map called Dance of the Marionettes).
One final thing you should know is that Decay is not stopped by a Fire Shield. Keep that in mind when you see someone with a Fire Shield up wreaking havoc with fireballs.

Chain Lightning
This TA is somewhat of a misfit in this hand because it does not release a projectile that is free to move about on its own. To activate Chain Lighting you must hold down the fire button and run up to an opponent. Once you get close enough a bolt of lighting will arc between the two of you. The lighting will stick to your opponent around corners or obstacles as long as you stay close enough. The damage that Chain Lightning causes is proportional to the distance between you and your target. The closer you are, the greater the damage. You can also target multiple opponents with Chain Lightning but the damage is divided between them. It should not be your first option because of the dangers inherent in approaching an opponent and the rather lengthy time it takes to get a kill. It can be very effective, however, in maps where your opponents will often be in a weakened condition due to a lack of healing resources. It is also ideal against Mashadar tendrils, causing them to retreat after the first shock.
An important thing to note here is that Chain Lightning and water do not mix. Activating Chain Lightning while you are standing in water will cause you to take damage rapidly and you will probably kill yourself. If can manage to zap someone standing in water while you are on dry land you will get a quick kill.

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